Happy New Year ... Kung Hei Fat Choi

Like most of us, I left 2011 in a hurry.

The last couple of weeks saw me trying to frantically complete the last To Do list of the year. They saw me struggling to close one thing after another – one last article, a last contract, that last meeting to be arranged, to attend, to report on…

Tick tock, tick tock…“Hurry, hurry” went the ceaseless whisper of my watch.

And then, before I realized it, there was quietness, and silence and joy…quickly followed by bubbly wine and laughter!

It was time to rejoice and to celebrate. But somewhere, somehow, it was also time to pause and reflect, to daydream 

Nostalgia kicked in, this bittersweet feeling connected to experiences and events come and now gone.

Twelve months had passed. They went by so quickly. They have been so intensely full of changes and encounters.

Time started playing tricks on me, slowing down gently. It pushed me to look at the journey taken and celebrate the things achieved.

It asked for progress to be measured, for friends to be accounted for – new friends made along the way, but also friends lost in the turmoil of change.

It was about loved ones, coming in like shooting stars and abruptly disappearing, but whose memory we will always carry and treasure. It was about remembering, acknowledging…and letting go.

It was about getting ready for a new year as pure and beautiful as a blank canvass waiting patiently for the uncertain hand of the artist.

A new year to re-invent, set in motion, move into action. Vows may be taken again. Commitments may be made again. Directions may be chosen again. The past is gone, the future a vivid dream – just the present matters.

A new year is starting. Make it count. Make it as beautiful, joyful and rich as you have dreamt it!

A happy New Year to you all.

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For YOU ... a


’Great achievements, holistic approach, true globe-trotter are the first thoughts coming to my mind when I browse your site.  However, there are so many faces, former corporate high-flyer, new entrepreneur, finance executive, woman executive and this to quote just a few. You have so many interests that I am finally a bit confused’’ commented one of my business partners when he gave me feedback on the website concept. 

It made me angry – not at him – at the world !

This need to classify and structured truly and positively infuriated me. This need to label things and people is a constant constraint. This urge to create boxes and patterns is a threat to one self-confidence. 

It endangers courage to act, to embrace and drive change. It jeopardises creativity and innovation, rooted, in my opinion, in a deep ability to observe, relate and feed from different terms of reference….or simply DIFFERENCE 

I am calling for, no, I am claiming the right to be multiple, to be undefined and unclassifiable. I am claiming the right to be unconstrained and the power to  break others' mental rules,  patterns or expectations.

This week, I morphed from advisor, to public speaker Monday and Tuesday. I was a board member Wednesday in the morning, a writer in the afternoon and a friend at night. I played at strategist and fund raiser on Thursday, at talent hunter and journalist on Friday, and ended the week as a…woman.

How many boxes could have ticked?  Thousands

How many patterns and stereotypes did I break ?  To some a lot, to me personally…none.

How was your week ? Let’s start thinking about ourselves as precious stones, as diamonds, with a thousand cuts, and let the light, the context, reveals blue or yellow, green or purple, depending on what matters or what is needed.

Let’s embrace difference and fight conformism. 

Let’s start looking for possibilities and free ourselves from old mental models. Let’s let our freedom and our potential rule.

Live, Breathe, Shine.

Join the evolution, innovate yourself.

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