Bringing on back the good times !


Do you want to know how life was in ''Shell Center'' in 1963?

Click on the following link : Uk Shell Office in 1963 

8:57 minutes that might trigger:

A bit of thinking: in the very short span of forty-nine years - so many things have changed:

On technology - we have welcomed fast and sleek looking computers and we said goodbye to green phones and typewriters.

On office planning - we have welcomed open spaces and open plans, but kept the focus on health and safety.

On corporate culture - we have made progress on the diversity agenda. Today, you would account for a good percentage of males in the open space area and some women in the corner office.

On the power of corporations - how many companies could currently enforce direct access to public transportation for their very own employees? New times, new masters!

A bit of a laugh! What changes fifty years can bring to fashion, comfortable clothing, trousers or power suits for women.  A shame though, we also lost the cute little hats!

And… maybe…for some of you, Ex-Shell Center dwellers- and clearly for me! - it will trigger a bit of nostalgia… I used to sit on this very 14th floor not so long ago !

Have a click, have a look and happy Friday!



The Huffington Post

Dear All,

You can also read my on the Huffington Post .


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Is there a perfect cultural environment for Entrepreneurs?

This is the question I will be exploring next week- while attending the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore and interviewing a diverse panel from men and women coming from Ecuador to China and working in industries as diverse as Energy, Retail, Fashion or Human Ressources.


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Being FOCUSED, I hear you say

Very interesting viewpoints from some of you, that I wanted to share with all of you. 

''It's a process of trial and error and it never stops… but without focus you will flounder. Meanwhile, there are so many time wasters and dreamers out there that will never amount to a "hill of beans". So the most important skill to learn as an entreprenuer is a sixth sense or how to identify the "real" people and opportunities. There is also a good contribution from being in the right place at the right time… but successful people make their own luck, I hear you say.''

''First of all ,being focused its the only day by. day atitude that leeds us people to personal achievements. Being a leader or an entrepreneur, without being focused on real important goals, its only a bad life experience.''

''The key is in adopting "FOCUSED" as an acronym for: F-Fewer projects, rather than many; O-Organized staff; C-Competitive mind set; U-Urgency; S-Strategic alignment; E-Excellence; and D-Discipline. Adoption of this paradigm shift is not a guarantee of success, but it will certainly reduce the chances of failure.  The Focused Organization - Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez"''



Women In Business Super Conference


You know how passionate I am about sharing experiences, and inspiring people -women in particular- to be what they want to be, and have the career they want.
I have the great pleasure to have been invited to speak at the Women in Business Super Conference, in London on November 11th. 
The conference is a unique mix of presentation and workshop giving you tangible tips on how to network, how to achieve work/life balance, how to read the rules of an Alpha male dominated environment… how to build a successful career on your terms.
Feel free to join me there,  to share, learn and be inspired.Who knows, you might find  your next role or bump into your next top talent employee, business partner, mentor…or best friend !