Marianne Abib-Pech, author of 'The Financial Times Guide to Leadership'

Marianne Abib-Pech is French but she calls herself a product of corporate America. She used to work in finance for companies like General Electric and Shell. Now she focuses on entrepreneurship and human capital. She is the author of the "Financial Times Guide to Leadership". How do you become a good leader? Can just about anyone do it? [Watch interview]


Capitalism 2.0 Is Coming

Vienna November 2012, Palace Ferstel, in the grand settings of the Palace, memories of Menger, Hayek, Freud and Kohr laced with Elizabeth Of Austria presence are lingering. Mitteleuropa no more…or actually more than ever?

This is the gala dinner of the 4th Peter Drucker Forum, the Austrian- born writer, teacher and consultant, who was once tagged as ''the Man who invented management ''. He liked to call himself a "social ecologist" - i.e. someone who deals with the man-made social environment in which we operate.

For two days last week, an eclectic mix of close to three hundred corporate executive, entrepreneurs and prominent members of Academia from all over the world gathered at the heart of the Austrian capital to debate and reflect on the future of Capitalism - no less!

The Forum covered a wide array of topics from role of education to the emerging needs of social entrepreneurship.

Squarely rooted in what we would now tag as more than familiar emerging global trends: [Read More]


Serial Networker or Cognitive diversity in action?


Is the burning question I have been asking myself after attending both the REMIX and Baydonhill events two weeks ago… the power or the curse of a portfolio life?

If you want to know more…click on the Huff !



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Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Anything you ever wanted to know about how Culture and Business mesh together in the new world of technology? Join me at  the REMIX Conference in London  on September 27th. 

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See you soon!


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Where to Start-Up ... Paris or London?

Where to start…up ?

Paris or London…

A tale of two cities in the Independent


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The High Net Worth of your Networks


net·work·ing noun

Definition-  The Merriam Webster Dictionnary

The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business-

Definition-  Andy Lopata- Business Networking Strategist … please click on the link  The independent

Same same but different. 



Filling the Gap : Asia and Entrepreneurship

Not quite Happy Valentine… but Happy Reading…

Filling the Gap- Asia Entrepreneurship 


Hear it from Nigel Kershaw- Chairman Big Issue Invest

Let's reconcile profit with social justice… Hear it from Nigel Kershaw- Chairman Big Issue Invest or How to take Social Entrepreneurship to the next level.

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Entrepreneurs - Catalysts for a new world?


I came back on Sunday from the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore,

Tired, yes tired is the word- but strangely energized and buzzing with ideas and words, again, words to put out there.

Entrepreneurs seem to be a catalyst for change,

Maybe because they all are dreamers, but of a new economy?

Maybe because they are passionate and energetic but paired with this profound self awareness of their flaws and what they need to be successful  ( focus again was mentioned) ?

Maybe because they are at the same time not afraid to challenge the status quo and  incredibly tolerant to difference?

They value, they cherish difference because they cannot innovate without it ?

I came back with a different vision of the world, from individual purpose to community, from money to social justice.  I tested first hand the need to plant seeds and inspire vocation, encourage and mentor, share and positively challenge.

I tested first hand the warmth and the personal curiosity

The vernacular:

Competition- Yes but as a driver

Collaboration – yes but as a tool to test and create value.

Networking- Yes- but as a way to build long terms.

Money – Yes but less and less as a driver, more a tool to have an impact

Innovation- yes critical to maintain and foster

Technology- Yes as an enabler but not a end purpose

Social Justisce- Yes to have a legacy, make this world a better place.

Friendship -  Important to build, to laugh with, to go out partying with ( and Boy, they can party !)

Family – Even more important, to comfort and learn from, with, to create a legacy, to change a country.

I just compare with my old world- the sophisticated corridors of the corporate world. The corridors of power? I am not so sure anymore ?

With one entrepreneur comes 3 to 5 jobs, with one entrepreneur comes tangible and measurable impact … so what it is going to be ? a rebalance and reshifting of the economy ? Adios Corporate welcome SMESs?

My commitment- plant the seeds writing, and speaking about you Guillaume, Fernando, Tamara, Genevieve, Ini, Rabih, Fadi, Sanjeev, Yves-Henri, Caroline, Catherine, Jeff,  Dave and some much more…

My commitment- well I can’t help to let the Former CFO talk for a moment - help you getting what you need financially to spread the word, duplicate the model,  and create a critical mass of …change agents.. 

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Can Entrepreneurship be taught? Myth or reality ?

Click  here  and find out  Ning Li's views  - Founder of 


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