Alternative investments: cars


By the time you read these lines, summer will have probably arrived in London. Or you would be enjoying a well deserved break in the likes of Ibiza, Positano, Saint Tropez, or the beaches of Thailand and Bali for our Asian-based friends. Your eyes will be browsing through lush natural beauty and your mind will be ready to be introduced to another type of beauty – vintage cars.

I spoke to industry experts ranging from Dietrich Hatlapa, keen collector and founder of Historical Automobile Group International, as well as Filippo Pignatti Morano, managing director of the Classic Car Fund, but here I can present only the quintessence of what you need to know.

Vintage cars are the up-and-coming asset class. Investors like to spend on a physical asset with an intrinsic value, and this is the trend that has brought wine and art to the fore of the investment scene. It is also particularly attractive from a tax perspective – exemption from capital gains tax.  [Read More]