Serge Trigano: hotel leader

I am a child of Club Med, that notorious 1970s hotel resort chain created by Gilbert Trigano more than six decades ago. Club Med was built on the concept of all-inclusive vacations so appealing to Brits, but for me, apart from providing fond childhood memories, it symbolised the rare business ability to balance innovation and contemporary needs.

When, almost 30 years later, I met the son of the founder of this iconic venture, Serge Trigano, I could not help but inquire about his new venture, Mama Shelter Group. The inquiry taught me much about how Trigano thought about leading in the hotel world.

Mama Shelter is based on family tradition but transformed by an innovative concept. The group opens restaurants and hotels in less favoured neighbourhoods of prominent French and soon European cities. Its ambition is to create a space synonymous with tolerance and sharing – a space where diversity is embraced and celebrated, not stigmatised.

Trigano said: “When you were born and raised into one particular industry, it actually sticks to you – it becomes what you know, what you are
good or great at. That is the hotel industry for me.’’ [Read More]