Entrepreneurs - Catalysts for a new world?


I came back on Sunday from the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore,

Tired, yes tired is the word- but strangely energized and buzzing with ideas and words, again, words to put out there.

Entrepreneurs seem to be a catalyst for change,

Maybe because they all are dreamers, but of a new economy?

Maybe because they are passionate and energetic but paired with this profound self awareness of their flaws and what they need to be successful  ( focus again was mentioned) ?

Maybe because they are at the same time not afraid to challenge the status quo and  incredibly tolerant to difference?

They value, they cherish difference because they cannot innovate without it ?

I came back with a different vision of the world, from individual purpose to community, from money to social justice.  I tested first hand the need to plant seeds and inspire vocation, encourage and mentor, share and positively challenge.

I tested first hand the warmth and the personal curiosity

The vernacular:

Competition- Yes but as a driver

Collaboration – yes but as a tool to test and create value.

Networking- Yes- but as a way to build long terms.

Money – Yes but less and less as a driver, more a tool to have an impact

Innovation- yes critical to maintain and foster

Technology- Yes as an enabler but not a end purpose

Social Justisce- Yes to have a legacy, make this world a better place.

Friendship -  Important to build, to laugh with, to go out partying with ( and Boy, they can party !)

Family – Even more important, to comfort and learn from, with, to create a legacy, to change a country.

I just compare with my old world- the sophisticated corridors of the corporate world. The corridors of power? I am not so sure anymore ?

With one entrepreneur comes 3 to 5 jobs, with one entrepreneur comes tangible and measurable impact … so what it is going to be ? a rebalance and reshifting of the economy ? Adios Corporate welcome SMESs?

My commitment- plant the seeds writing, and speaking about you Guillaume, Fernando, Tamara, Genevieve, Ini, Rabih, Fadi, Sanjeev, Yves-Henri, Caroline, Catherine, Jeff,  Dave and some much more…

My commitment- well I can’t help to let the Former CFO talk for a moment - help you getting what you need financially to spread the word, duplicate the model,  and create a critical mass of …change agents.. 

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Can Entrepreneurship be taught? Myth or reality ?

Click  here  and find out  Ning Li's views  - Founder of Made.com 


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Is there a perfect cultural environment for Entrepreneurs?

This is the question I will be exploring next week- while attending the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore and interviewing a diverse panel from men and women coming from Ecuador to China and working in industries as diverse as Energy, Retail, Fashion or Human Ressources.


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When Life hands you lemons...Innovate...Make MARGARITA's !

Innovation is the only way out and we can all contribute ! A word from Charlie Garland 

''Today, just before I opened up my email to find your blog post, I was thinking about the philosophical quandary: "what does one do if life hands you lemons?"  Well, there is conventional wisdom, and then there is innovative thinking.  Naturally, we in the innovation genre (and others, of course) would respond with our own conventional wisdom: "if life hands you lemons…make lemon-aide!"

Ah, but isn't it time for us to challenge even that conventional wisdom?  Isn't it time for us to truly think outside of that box…and reach for even deeper insight…for even greater value…for answers that might just spread a similar type of inspirational innovation to our brothers and sisters everywhere, who rather desperately need just that?

A not-too-famous comedian once said (and I paraphrase): "If life has given you lemons, then go find someone to whom life has given tequila…and make margarita's!"  And while I'm sure he meant to be cute and funny (and just a bit provocative, as is his style), he really did touch upon yet a different way of thinking altogether.  He challenged the conventional wisdom of how most of us have been programmed to respond to that vexing philosophical question.  It is a response that is so "automatic" that, at this point in our society, its lessons are not taken truly to heart.  At best, they remind ourselves of how pathetic we are, and how narrow-minded we've been, but rarely if ever does such a restatement of such philosophy have any lasting effect.  It's just words.

But one really could explore that question much more interestingly.  Let's consider doing just that.  Let's not stop at the conventional answer to that question, but rather, let's continue along the very same (or increasingly different) ways of thinking.  What (else) can you do if life gives you lemons?  Well, you can learn to juggle…we can develop new skills, entertain others, and translate that into our ability to handle more items than we have hands!  We can extract the yellow pigment and produce beautiful, bright colors to an otherwise dull, black-and-white (and gray) world around us.  We can use the citric acid within the lemon juice to do just about anything that a chemist uses acids for (e.g. cleaning, disinfecting, etching, etc.).  And, of course, we can plant the lemon seeds in the ground, nurture them, and watch them blossom into an orchard of lemon trees for future generations to come.

I'm mentioning all this not because I really care so much about lemons (although, now that I've done this bit of brainstorming on them, I'm certainly more caring than I used to be!), but rather because this is the sort of thinking that all of us…in China, in Europe, in USA, in the Middle East, and truly everywhere…need to begin doing.  How does it start?  It starts from the seeds of innovative thinking that exist within people like you, Marianne.  And it starts with the spread of inspiring insights that people like you, and I, and many others in the world have the ability to plant, and nurture, and grow, and help blossom within the communities that we are able to cultivate.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have my morning coffee (or is it merely another form of beverage comprised of water and some plant-borne produce?) to drink, and my thoughts to think.  But thank you for helping wake up my brain this morning! :)''


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Pamphlet for a new world


Has Europe lost its way when it comes to pretty much… everything! Innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, diversity?

Are we, Europeans, so engrossed in our own world, have we become completely unable to break patterns and embrace any type of change?

Are we frozen? Petrified? Risk Averse? Would we ever be able to generate enough change agents to merely survive?

Is the overall fantastic social system the reason for it? Is the inherent complexity of our legal, economical systems? Or shall we look into our cultural background?

Are we doomed to fail?

What will create the necessary wake up call? Our world is in total disarray, and yet we are ‘’debating’’ on what to do? When are we going to start acting? I cannot help but wonder?  

Week three in Hong-Kong, the city is buzzing with energy, with ideas, with openness and collaboration. One lunch is leading to another. One idea is opening the door to a business meeting, one successful business meeting to ten prospects.

Collaboration- not so much competition

Networking- opportunities to network are endless, so many things going on in one week, you need 7 lives at night to keep track of everything.

Work as a value- still very much part of the culture, if you do not work, you do not eat

Diversity- women in business everywhere! I have found not less than twenty, , thirty, forty, fifty clubs nurturing them, inspiring them, energizing them. It is an incredible liberating feeling!

So what it is going to be for Europe? Change or die? Is the only way for us exile into the new world west or east, leaving our culture behind?

Being focused is important but feeling inspired even more, or maybe it should be about taking risk and driving change.

What are you going to do today? 

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