Lifestyle Investments- The trend to watch?


Who said the world is in recession? Luxury investments the trend to watch? To know more… click on the Huff !…




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Where to Start-Up ... Paris or London?

Where to start…up ?

Paris or London…

A tale of two cities in the Independent


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One year later...

It is Friday night again, and I am settling back into my European routine…

Paris Friday to Sunday. London, Geneva during the week and soon to be throwing Milan into the mix as a promise of Dolce Vita… 
I am almost reaching the first year anniversary of my leaving the well-oiled ranks of corporate machinery to embark on a more personal journey.
In the last 9 months I have moved East, started testing my 15 year-old corporate skillset by joining the ranks of the entrepreneurs and finally given in to a long time repressed passion for writing….
Months have come and gone. 
They were composed of some of the greatest professional highs of my working life.  
Every small success, contact made, contract signed, door opened, mind boggling interview, every word written, compliment received became a reason to celebrate and a moment to cherish.
This precious inventory compensated for some of the darkest moments - born from frustration, disappointment, tiredness and, surprisingly, betrayal from the least expected places.
Back in Europe, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, reflecting and pondering during my now familiar Eurostar ride…  What is to be remembered from this first year of transformation?
Choice is a luxury that only a few seem to have. 
Find your inner truth, follow your heart, rock the boat, jump, they say.
Reality then strikes… you have to pay your mortgage, raise your kids, beware of the economic environment, survive. 
Entrepreneurship is supersized work experience - it brings more work, more stress, more doubts, more loneliness.…
And more passion, more energy, more purpose… more testing of your real strengths and overall more rewards.
So what is to be said after just one short year? One thing only:
Just do it !


Make your mark ....

Impact investing is becoming an asset class of its own.

However it requires a bit of knowledge and a lot of heart to fully grasp the nature of Impact investing….

Read about it in the May issue of Global Corporate Venturing.

Make your mark… Invest Social 


Africa 2020- What scenario for a sustainable future ?


What is it to be known about Africa, about the diversity and the complexity of a continent that, for a recent part of its long history, has been under the influence of Western countries?
Africa is above all mysterious and it can be defined by one single, albeit powerful and somewhat poetic, word: Contrast.
Contrasts are found in its ethnical variety, its cultural richness, its landscapes and natural resources, its economies, its religions and beliefs…
This continent is marked by a complex mix of predatory history and tragic destiny, impacted by endless civil and tribal wars, where peace is a fragile yet pressing imperative.
As a land of contrast, what are the main trends that will enable one of the last developing continents to leverage its strengths to reach economic growth and societal harmony? How will these trends create possible scenarios for a sustainable future in Africa?
Hear it from Serge H Borg- Former Vice President of Invensys- in the Huffington Post.