Marilyn or James Bond is Memorabilia the new investment craze?


We have said goodbye to lazy afternoons in London parks and drinking 2012 Pimms - a Jubilee and Olympic vintage!
Looking back, I realised something was weaving in all these alternative investment columns, from wine to impact investing or art, a sacrosanct concept repeated like an Andy Warhol diptych - constrained supply and growing demand are the key to profitable alternative investments.
Alternative investment can follow the same quest for discontinuity and arbitrage as mainstream investments, but with an unusual driver - emotion or passion, or…love? [Read More…]


What is interesting about Culture?


What is interesting about Culture? This was the opening question of Steve Crossan the Head of Google Cultural Institute to kick off the REMIX Summit.  

Organized by CultureLabel, a pioneer company in cultural entrepreneurship, REMIX summit took place last Thursday, 27th of September 2012  at Bloomberg Headquarter in up and coming Finsbury Square.  

More than two hundred of us eager to learn how culture, technology and entrepreneurship, oppose, attract or mesh together and create business value flocked to the state-of-the-art conference room of the US business and financial news giant to get challenged and… inspired.

We got more than what we bargained for!

Thanks to the quality of the forty five speakers- a mix of arts experts, media gurus, successful entrepreneurs and high flyers from prominent corporations – who gave a lot of different angles to reflect on and practical examples to relate to. Thanks also to the diversity of the topics explored, ranging from cultural consumption and branding to running a creative business or what can we learn from the Olympic, everything contributed to the richness of the day.  

So what is the quintessence of the conference?  For me, it boils down to two bold statements. [Read More]


Serial Networker or Cognitive diversity in action?


Is the burning question I have been asking myself after attending both the REMIX and Baydonhill events two weeks ago… the power or the curse of a portfolio life?

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Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Anything you ever wanted to know about how Culture and Business mesh together in the new world of technology? Join me at  the REMIX Conference in London  on September 27th. 

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Emotion or Investment ?

How can one reconcile emotions and investment?

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