We need a Euro-messiah

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, has faded away and with her the traumatic memories of the mass social move- ment that led the UK to a standstill in the 1970s. Her death calls for some introspection, about the UK economy of course, but more importantly about leadership, and more specifically leadership in Europe.

Thatcher broke the perception that a leader needed to be loved. She put to the forefront of leadership the need for vision, courage, and the ability to face consequences and get the job done. She had in mind the need for a complete makeover of the British economy and managed it for better or worse – 40 years later in the current economic climate, this remains evident.

Purpose, vision, resilience, impact, courage, inspiration and results are attributes springing to my mind when I think about leadership. Sadly no name fits that bill when I think about Europe leadership.  [Read More]


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Marianne Abib-Pech, author of 'The Financial Times Guide to Leadership'

Marianne Abib-Pech is French but she calls herself a product of corporate America. She used to work in finance for companies like General Electric and Shell. Now she focuses on entrepreneurship and human capital. She is the author of the "Financial Times Guide to Leadership". How do you become a good leader? Can just about anyone do it? [Watch interview]


Serge Trigano: hotel leader

I am a child of Club Med, that notorious 1970s hotel resort chain created by Gilbert Trigano more than six decades ago. Club Med was built on the concept of all-inclusive vacations so appealing to Brits, but for me, apart from providing fond childhood memories, it symbolised the rare business ability to balance innovation and contemporary needs.

When, almost 30 years later, I met the son of the founder of this iconic venture, Serge Trigano, I could not help but inquire about his new venture, Mama Shelter Group. The inquiry taught me much about how Trigano thought about leading in the hotel world.

Mama Shelter is based on family tradition but transformed by an innovative concept. The group opens restaurants and hotels in less favoured neighbourhoods of prominent French and soon European cities. Its ambition is to create a space synonymous with tolerance and sharing – a space where diversity is embraced and celebrated, not stigmatised.

Trigano said: “When you were born and raised into one particular industry, it actually sticks to you – it becomes what you know, what you are
good or great at. That is the hotel industry for me.’’ [Read More]


Capitalism 2.0 Is Coming

Vienna November 2012, Palace Ferstel, in the grand settings of the Palace, memories of Menger, Hayek, Freud and Kohr laced with Elizabeth Of Austria presence are lingering. Mitteleuropa no more…or actually more than ever?

This is the gala dinner of the 4th Peter Drucker Forum, the Austrian- born writer, teacher and consultant, who was once tagged as ''the Man who invented management ''. He liked to call himself a "social ecologist" - i.e. someone who deals with the man-made social environment in which we operate.

For two days last week, an eclectic mix of close to three hundred corporate executive, entrepreneurs and prominent members of Academia from all over the world gathered at the heart of the Austrian capital to debate and reflect on the future of Capitalism - no less!

The Forum covered a wide array of topics from role of education to the emerging needs of social entrepreneurship.

Squarely rooted in what we would now tag as more than familiar emerging global trends: [Read More]


This is time well spent!

I want to tell you about watches, but I wanted you to hear it from the horse’s mouth – the collectors: Singapore-based Melvyn Teillol-Foo,  Chief Executive Officer of  PuristSPro, a reference website for watch lovers in Asia, collects with and for his wife and speaks fondly of the first double purchase they ever made – the Omega Constella-tion 5125.“

It was a serendipitous buy, as I actually never thought of watches as an investment. I consider a watch a worth-buy, not a value-buy. At one stage I could be buying up to three watches a month. I have 365 watches so I can wear a different one every day.” 

Singapore-born Eric Lim, executive director of Chemical Industries (Far East), said: “You do not want to get me started on watches as I have about 50 of them, and collect them with passion for the elegance, the technical mastery and the sheer beauty of the object.’’
To bring the topic closer to my home, French entrepreneur Jean-Louis Bouchard, chairman of Econocom, confesses to buying “a massive Panerai” that used to belong to a prominent figure in the German navy, an admiral commanding U-boats during World War II. [Read More]

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